What Is SCRUM4KIDS? A culinary experience brought to you by Chicago Bite Club and Farm.Butcher.Table in support of the Illinois Tornadoes Women's Rugby Team and CommunityHealth.

What Can You Expect? A bountiful smorgasbord of delectable bites. A delightful array of refreshments including beer, thoughtfully paired wine selections and a very special house cocktail. Music. Old friends. New friends. Ping Pong. And MORE. The possibilities are endless.*

When Does This Go Down? June 15th, 7pm-11pm

But Where Does It All Go Down? Somewhere in Chicago (cue mysterious soundtrack). This collaboration will be held at a secret location and location details will be shared with attendees (and only attendees) in the days leading up to the event.

How Can I Attend? Just click the "Purchase a Ticket" button and complete the process and you... are.. IN!

What If I Can't Attend But I Want To Contribute? Just click the "Can't Attend But Want To Contribute" button and complete the process and you.. are... a HERO!

*the possibilities are not in fact endless

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